Social justice issues are tech issues too…

A list of resources to learn about injustice in tech and what you can do about it

Dasani Madipalli


If you’re in tech and “don’t care” about the world around you — I’m worried about what you’ll create

You’re indifference has consequences.

Want to be a great developer/pm/designer or any other role in tech? Listen and learn about the world around you.

Social justice issues will always be tech issues.

The following are a list of resources that break this down


Weapons of Math Destruction: How big data increases inequality and threatens democracy -Cathy O’Neil

Algorithms of Oppressions: How search engineers reinforce racism -Safiya U. Noble

Artificial Unintelligence: How computers misunderstand the world- Meredith Broussard

Race After Technology: Abolitionist tools for the new Jim code -Ruha Benjamin

Technology Wrong: Sexist Apps, Biased Algorithms, and Other threats of toxic tech Sara Wachter-Boettcher

Automating Inequality: How high tech tools profile, police and punish the poor Virginia Eubanks


Some healthy principles about ethics and bias in AI

Artificial intelligence needs all of us

AI ain’t I a woman?

How I’m fighting bias in algorithms

Documentary: Coded bias

Publications/Resources — The politics of images in machine learning training sets

Pro Publica — Machine bias

Algorithmic Justice League — Movement towards equitable and accountable AI

Robot Rights? Lets talk about human welfare instead — AI Ethics Resources

A Framework for Understanding Unintended Consequences of Machine Learning

Survival of the best fit

The Way we use Technology amplifies equality — My article that summarizes these issues and provides references at the end


Google’s ML crash course on Bias & Fairness

IBM’s AI Fairness 360

Microsoft Responsible AI

Have more resources? Link them in the comments!

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