How to create your Product Management project

Dasani Madipalli
4 min readNov 1, 2021

Note: If you prefer to learn this through bite sized content, this article is based on a series I made on my Instagram and Tiktok

So you want to be a product manager but don’t have experience? You’ve probably been given the advice to make your own experience. (at least that’s the advice I’d give you if you asked me).

Well how exactly do you make your own experience? The easiest way is to make your own project/product. And no it doesn’t have to be tech related.

Pick something you already do (or want to do) and add product management principles to it.

I’ll walk you through exactly what I did it with a comic strip idea I had about a balloon. Yep you read that right – comics about balloons. Its called Happy Balloon Comics and I make a new one every Friday.

Step 1: Write down the requirements

Pick a random idea – literally anything. It could already be something you do and write down the requirements for it and what your expected results are.

I wanted to make comics about balloons. My requirements were:

  • Make comics on a weekly cadence
  • Share them on social platforms

My hypothesis was that making comics on a separate platform on a regular cadence would:

  • Help me build a bigger more specific audience
  • Connect with more artist and the comic community

Take a minute and write down what yours are. The great thing about hypothesis are that they don’t have to be right, but just assumptions that you would want to test.

Step 2: Check feasibility

Once you figure out what your requirements are see how feasible it is.

Write down your key constraints and see if you’ll be able to meet your requirements. You may need to change your requirements accordingly.

Happy Balloon Comics is a team of one (just me) so my constraints was solely my time, energy and mental well being.

I calculated that my requirements would cost me a maximum of 6 hours a week based on previous comics I made.



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