Meet Blessing: Founder of Students of LinkedIn

I’m so excited to share my interview with Blessing Adogame! I met Blessing at a student retreat at Google a few years ago and we stayed connected afterwards through LinkedIn. Blessing has been an incredible advocate for people, particularly students, to share their story. Hope you’ll learn from her as much as I have!

Tell me a little bit about yourself. What do you currently do, what are you interested in, etc.?

My name is Blessing Adogame, originally from Nigeria but have lived in various other countries before relocating to the United States in 2015. I’m a junior at Drexel University, studying Computer Information Systems with minors in Business Administration and Security Technology. I’ve always been interested in providing solutions to problem and found that technology is such a dynamic way to do so. I believe that our stories and experiences connect us — no matter how small. As people, if we can recognize the power of our stories, we can appreciate the power of using our voices and paying it forward. I’ve made it my mission to connect people and stories, to ultimately create a synergistic movement.

How did figure out what you wanted to do and how did you go about doing it?

I didn’t have an idea of what I wanted to do — I don’t have a defined path ahead of me, but I’m exploring my way there. The one thing that was clear, was that being in America must start and end with me taking full advantage of resources and opportunities around me. As a nomad, global citizen and multipotentialite, building a bank of experiences is so important to crafting my career path.

What advice do you have for international students out there?

  • Find your people. They will pull you in and keep you going. It’s the community that you find/build that will serve as your home away from home.
  • -If you can’t find opportunities, create them.
  • -Aim to be 1% better than the rest. While others step back because of an obstacle, you must step forward because of an opportunity.

What are somethings you do you do outside of school?

I find and create opportunities through LinkedIn. From meeting people offline to speaking engagements, LinkedIn has been a great tool to take advantage of. I initiated and co-founded Students of LinkedIn which is an online platform that produces content with the goal of preparing students for the future of work.

​What’s something that you wish you could tell your younger self?

In the words of Morgan Harper Nichols, “You are more than capable. You are more prepared than you think. You have more hope and potential within you than you have been able to see”. I would tell myself to keep believing, keep dreaming and keep pursuing. It’s amazing to see how things come full circle, what was once a disadvantage is now an advantage. Trust in the process, no matter the uncertainty.

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